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Please find below a list of frequently asked questions on metalworking fluids, Cimcool and Cimcool products. If your question is not included in this list please contact us.

  • Metalworking fluids

    • What are metalworking fluids?

      ‘Metalworking fluids’ are generic terms for all fluids used in a metalworking process. Metalworking fluids can generally be divided in three categories: 
      - Removals
      - Forming 
      - Protectives
      Other industrial fluids:
      - Cleaners
      - Hydraulics and Slideway oils
    • What is the function of metalworking fluids?

      - Cooling
      - Lubricating
      - Friction reduction/ Prevention of chip welding
      - Chip transportation
      - Dust reduction
    • How can metal-removal fluids be classified?

      According to composition:
      - Neat oil
      - Synthetic
      - Semi-Synthetic (micro emulsions)
      - Emulsion
    • What is the importance of monitoring metalworking fluid mixes?

      Metal-removal fluids, specifically the water-miscible types are all formulated to operate within a certain range of conditions in areas like concentration, pH, bacteria, tramp oil, etc. When fluid conditions fall out of this range, performance problems can develop. Regular checking and recording of the conditions is therefore of major importance. The local or Vlaardingen Cimcool laboratories are able to check all conditions but the major ones can be checked on site on a daily or weekly basis:
      - Concentration
      - pH
      - Bacteria
      Causes of problems with water-soluble metalworking fluids:
      - Incorrect concentration
      - Contamination
      - Improper maintenance
      - Incorrect product
  • Cimcool

    • Who is Cimcool?

      Cimcool provides its customers globally with the best industrial fluids and services for all of today’s and tomorrow’s most demanding processes.
    • What does Cimcool do?

      We develop and produce metalworking fluids. Besides products of the highest quality, our customers can expect the (technical) service they need to optimize performance and reduce costs. 
    • What is the company structure of Cimcool?

      Cimcool consists of 3 divisions worldwide: Cimcool Europe (EMEA, Russia and India), Cimcool Asia Pacific and Cimcool Americas (see Global presence), and is owned by Milacron LLC. 
    • Where does Cimcool Europe operate?

      Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Western Asia and Africa.
      The following countries are served through direct offices:
      - Germany
      - Sweden
      - Poland
      - Switzerland
      - Czech Republic
      - Slovakia
      - France
      - Italy
      - UK
      All other countries in our sales area we serve through dedicated agents and distributors. (Also see: Global Presence)
    • How can I contact Cimcool?

      The contact page of this website shows the contact details of your nearest Cimcool office or representative. All other Cimcool locations can also be found there.
      You can also send us an e-mail through our contact form. The contact form also provides the option of requesting further information on a Cimcool product or request for customer service.
  • Cimcool Products

    • What kind of products does Cimcool offer?

      Removal, forming, protective, and cleaning fluids, hydraulic & slideway oils, additives and equipment for a wide range of (demanding) applications and a diversity of markets (see: Products).
    • What level of service can I expect when I buy Cimcool products?

      A very high level. We will provide the service required to optimize performance of your production process (see: Service).
    • How can Cimcool products help reduce total production costs?

      Fluid costs only represent a small percentage of total production costs. However, MWF are an important factor in your production process, enhancing the performance of many production elements. This makes it essential to choose the right fluid for each application.
      The high performance and long product life of Cimcool metalworking fluids ensure a reduction of overall production costs:
      - Fluid costs (long fluid life, low top-up rate)
      - Disposal costs (long fluid life)
      - Tool costs (long tool life)
      - Filter costs (clean fluids)
      - Energy costs (lower operating temperatures in washers)
      - Sickness costs (high HSE standards)
      - Higher productivity (less production downtime, better lubrication, scrap reduction)
      - Service (expert advice in the selection process and usage of your Cimcool product  and excellent customer service, enhancing product performance, scrap reduction)
    • What can I expect of Cimcool products with respect to Health, Safety and Environmental standards?

      Cimcool is fully compliant with REACh, GHS and CLP (see: REACh). Cimcool products are gentle on the skin and many are tested by Dr Diepgen from Heidelberg University and Evonik.
      For Cimcool the environment is one of the most important aspects when developing a new product. That is why our R&D department is always concentrating its efforts on discovering new raw materials to be able to improve the performance of the product and also to reduce the impact on the environment (see: Innovation)
    • How can I order Cimcool products?

      The contact page of this website shows the contact details of your nearest Cimcool office or representative. They can take your order directly. Another option is to fill in our contact form. In response to your request the appropriate Cimcool representative will contact you. 
    • How can I download PASs and MSDSs?

      By means of this website you can register for ‘Your Cimcool Page’. Once you have registered you will receive account details to logon to Your Cimcool Page. On Your Cimcool Page you will find all relevant PASs and MSDSs which are downloadable as PDF file.