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Cimperial 35-880, Engineered for the Global Aerospace Industry

Cimperial 35-880 is a high performance emulsion suitable for many heavy-duty machining and grinding operations. The Cimperial 35-880 is equipped with Cimcool’s unique CimShield Technology. This innovative technology will secure the product stability, the pH buffering of the mix and gives excellent corrosion protection.
Cimperial 35-880 can be used without problems for a great number of aerospace materials including aluminium, nickel and titanium alloys. Cimperial 35-880 is especially developed for use in soft water (5 to 12°dH in starting water).
Product Approvals and conformances
  • Grob: Approval
  • Airbus (AIMS 12-10-000): Conforms (2024-T3, 7075T6, Titanium, PH13-8Mo, WL1.3544,
  • WL1.7734, 35NCD16)
  • Messier-Buggatti-Dowty (PCS-4001): Conforms (Aluminium, Titanium, Steel UTS > 1380MPa)
  • Safran (Pr-6300 Ind. A): Conforms (Titanium, Nickel and Aluminium alloys)
  • Airbus (80-T-30-4010): Conforms (2024T3, 7075T, Titanium)
  • ASTM F1110: Conforms (2024-T3, 7075-T6, Titanium)
  • ASTM F483: Conforms (2024-T3, 7075-T6, Titanium)


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