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News, Pubblicazioni & Eventi

News, Pubblicazioni & Eventi

Essere aggiornati  su ció che accade nel nostro settore è di fondamentale importanza.

Ci consente di essere sempre attenti, aggiornati sulle ultime tendenze del settore e ci consente di preparare i nostri prodotti e quelli per il prossimo futuro.


Cimcool launches brand new website

As of September 2011 Cimcool’s brand new website is online. Besides informing Cimcool’s (future) customers about Cimcool and its products, the website has been designed to provide general insights on the importance of metalworking fluids and the product selection process.

Cees de Hoog, Marketing and Communication Support Manager: “Besides informing visitors the website also serves as platform to create awareness about the importance of metalworking fluids in a manufacturing process. The websites shows a short movie on this matter. The Product Selector helps manufacturers to select the right product for their application.”

The new website follows the introduction of the new, fresh corporate identity, which was introduced in November 2010. The identity kept its familiar and trustworthy image but is nevertheless rejuvenated and has become more modern. These characteristics also apply for the website, which has a clear and clean feel with a technological touch.

Due to Cimcool’s broad international presence the website will be available in nine different languages.


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