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Новости, Публикации & Мероприятия

Идти в ногу со временем – это очень важно.
Это заставляет нас всегда быть на острие, демонстрировать существующие в нашей отрасли тенденции и позволяет нам подготовить выпускаемые нами продукты и нас самих к будущим потребностям.


HAAS Technical Education Centre grand opening in Germany Niedersachsen

In order to promote young people to choose for an education in manufacturing technology and a profession in that industry 50 H-TEC centres have already been realised throughout Europe. The H-TEC centres provide technical schools and universities with the opportunity to educate a high standard of industry-relevant CNC (Computer Numerical Control) manufacturing.
One of the 50 H-TEC centres has been set up this September in Berufsbildenden Schulen Goslar-Baßgeige/Seesen in Goslar, Germany. This is the very first H-TEC centre in Niedersachsen. As partner of H-TEC, Cimcool is proud and happy to be fully involved in realising this centre. Cimcool Germany will provide the school with the relevant metalworking fluids to fill the CNC machines and will help to maintain and service the machines.
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