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In 2020 the Cimcool organization was acquired by DuBois Chemicals, a leading supplier of specialty chemistry to the manufacturing, metal working, heat treating, food and beverage, pulp and paper and water treatment industries for over 100 years.

The DuBois Quenching product line will now be available in Europe via the CIMCOOL organization. The powerful combination of DuBois’ 100 years of experience and Cimcool’s 70 years of European market knowledge, are now where chemistry & process knowledge meet through leading heat treatment products.

In this strong partnership, Cimcool has engineered the DuBois portfolio to the latest European legislative requirements and to next level quenching performance resulting in improved corrosion protection, longer fluid life, and optimal health and safety features.

In Europe and beyond, Cimcool will calculate your reduced operating cost and efficiency, commit to your sustainability goals where possible and nurture your safety and efficiency processes. The European DuBois Quenching fluids product line includes oil-based Quenching Fluids and water-based Quenchants.

DuBois oil based quenchants are ideal products for quenching intricate shaped parts and high-hardenability alloys. They will improve your process by:
  • Easy cleaning for brighter work
  • Exceptional oxidation-resistance and thermal stability to maximize bath life
  • Less drag-out to minimize usage and cost
  • Maximum quench control for predictable performance and consistent high quality parts
The Oil-Based Quenching Fluid products:

AAA-DA Quench Oil - The world’s most widely specified accelerated fast oil quenchant. It is capable of quenching a variety of steels, sizes and shaped parts with little or no change in operating parameters. AAA-DA Quench Oil achieves faster cooling rates through intensified action in the initial stages. This, and slower cooling through the martensitic transformation range, minimize distortion and ensures uniform maximum hardness to a greater depth. AAA-DA Quench Oil is suitable for integral quenching and ideal for carbon, low and medium alloy steels. Automotive approved.

420-A Quench Oil - A medium-hot oil ideal for high alloy steel and distortion prone parts. It is excellent for applications where distortion must be minimized with little sacrifice in as quenched hardness. Automotive Approved.

Marquench Oil M - An accelerated hot oil designed for use in carburizing and carbon nitriding furnaces or where parts are prone to distortion and cracking.

Quench Brite Marquenching oil  - A water clear product. High quality base oil. Excellent for quenching distortion sensitive parts. Twice the viscosity and a higher flashpoint than Marquench oil M

While minimizing part distortion or breakage, water-based quenchants provide high hardness with fast quenching speed. Water-based fluids are:

  • Non-flammable
  • Easy to clean off compared to oil
  • Dilutable and have a low use cost
  • Improving workplace environment
The Water-Based Quenching Fluid products:

Alumiquench - Ideal for solution heat treating of a wide range of aluminum alloys. The polymer is inversely soluble above 74°C. Complies with Aerospace Material Specification 3025.

Parquench 60XCR - Low molecular weight polymer used for lower alloy steels, castings and forgings applications.

Parquench 90 - High molecular weight polymer used for higher alloy steels and all types of metals where the control of distortion is of prime importance.

Enviroquench - water based polymer that provides a quenching response similar to that of fast oils. Environquench is fortified with additives to prevent multi-metal corrosion.

Polyquench 15XN - Recommended for induction and direct hardening operations and has the following advantages:

  • Resists breakdown
  • Residue is not sticky on parts, racks, furnance equipment and is easily washed off
  • Nitrite free additive package helps resist rusting and foaming
  • Applicable for immersion or spray quenching operations
  • Ideal for intricate carbon/alloy steel components, cast steel, forged steel, cast iron, ductile/malleable iron.
DuBois | CIMCOOL Technical Support & Lab Capabilities
Customers need to know their quenchants are working optimally to ensure achieving success with their heat treat applications. DuBois | CIMCOOL provides professional technical expertise, rapid test results and practical heat treating knowledge. We offer quench curve testing with cooling rates according to ISO 9950, ASTM D6200 & D6482. Additional physical property testing consists of: Flash point, Water content, Insoluble matter, Viscosity and Oxidation level.