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Cimcool Fluid Technology From small machine manufacturer in the 1880s to internationally renowned producer of industrial fluids today. Cimcool is a global expert on industrial fluids. Over the years we have developed extensive product lines to suit our clients’ needs for a wide range of applications, markets and working conditions.
Cimcool is completely self-sufficient and develops, produces and distributes removal, forming, protective and cleaning fluids for a diverse set of markets. Being self-sufficient makes us flexible and quick to respond to customer requests and changing rules and regulations.
International presence
Cimcool Europe markets its products in Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA), India, Baltics and Ukraine by means of local Cimcool offices, distributors and agents. This allows us to serve our clients at local level with global knowledge, expertise and experience.
Our main goal is to continuously improve the quality of our customer’s products and their production process by providing them with the best possible products and service.
To achieve this goal we ensure that we maintain a focussed, flexible and open-minded attitude and commit ourselves to three themes:
  • People - health, safety, knowledge, experience
  • Environment - future-proof, rules & regulations, environmental concerns
  • Innovation - new raw materials, products, technology, service

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